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  • GoVeda Desi Gir Cow A2 Milk - 1 Litre (Rs 20 additional as deposit for bottles not returned )

GoVeda Desi Gir Cow A2 Milk - 1 Litre (Rs 20 additional as deposit for bottles not returned )

Goveda Farms LLP

Price ₹130.00
MRP ₹140.00
(Price is Inclusive of Taxes)
  • Product Code: GV - DESI GIR COW A2 MILK
  • Do you experience bloating and discomfort when you consume a glass of milk? Are you low on calcium and suffer from bone and muscle mass depletion?
    • Try GoVeda’s A2 milk, many people have experienced the difference.
    • The protein in milk affects different people differently.
    • It is this protein that makes all the difference.
    • Desi Cows, contain only the A2, beta-casein.
    • This is the same protein present in the human mother’s milk and therefore easy to digest.
  • GoVeda Farms Desi Gir cow milk containing the A2 b casein is Raw, unpasteurised and pure.
  • No harmful hormones injected, No dilution of milk.
  • This is a full fat milk( check fat content on the reverse) with multiple health benefits.
  • Boil and refrigerate/ consume.

Made in India.

Mrs Beata Oporska Singh
Mrs Beata Oporska Singh

4 months ago

I've been their client for many months now. The product is very good and delivery absolutely reliable, which is rare especially in Goa. Aparat from that customer support is great - whenever i need to reschedule delivery i get it done within a couple of minutes.

Mrs Antoneta Natty Rodrigues
Mrs Antoneta Natty Rodrigues

1 year ago

It's good. I loved it. Taste and smell everything is so original. Getting on the doorstep is an added advantage. Thank you farmers.

Mr Malcolm Mathias Remedios
Mr Malcolm Mathias Remedios

1 year ago

There's nothing like getting a fresh bottle of excellent quality milk at your doorstep.

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